Rick received mentoring in acting and directing from E. Teresa Choate (Keane University) and Gary Logan (Shakespeare Theatre Company Acadamy of Classical Acting).

He has numerous credits as a stage actor and director. He served as the Artistic Director of the Ensemble Theatre Company, in Denver. As a university professor, Rick taught courses in theater, literature, psychology, and theology.

Rick tours the one-man productions listed below. One-man shows can be presented to any size group. They can be adapted to a living room space or a fully mounted stage.
Venues have included: theaters, universities, libraries, museums, recreation centers, home-school associations, and civic groups

As desired,
Rick can host a "talk-back" sessions at the conclusion of a show. The audience is invited to interact with him regarding what they have experienced during the performance.

Sam Clemens and the Real Mark Twain
A Child's Christmas in Wales with Dylan Thomas
The Old Man and the Sea
Joy and Jack: The Journey of C.S. Lewis

Dr. Watson

Sam Clemens and the Real Mark Twain

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*adapted for the stage by Cliff Jewell from Mark Twain's

*period costume, makeup, props, and Southern dialect.

*content ranges from humorous to more serious commentary,
that is tailored to suit the presenter's preferences.

*suitable for all ages.

*flexible running time from ten minutes to one hour and forty-five
minutes with one intermission.

A Child's Christmas in Wales with Dylan Thomas

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*a holiday classic written by Welsh poet Dylan Thomas

*period costume and Welsh dialect

*content rich with humor and description, a young boy's Christmas recollection

*suitable for most ages.


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*written for the stage by Gabriel Emanuel

*costume, makeup, and German dialect

*content deals with Einstein's wit, wisdom, and science.

*suitable for older students and adults.

*flexible running time up to one-hour with one intermission.

The Old Man and the Sea

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*Hemingway's poignant tale adapted for the stage by Alice Longaker

*costume, makeup, props, and Spanish dialect.

*fifty-minute running time

*suitable for adults and students

Joy and Jack: The Journey of C.S. Lewis

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*adapted by Rick from Lewis's writings and Nicholson's, "Shadowlands"

*costume, makeup, and British dialect.

*focus on loss, reconciliation, and spirituality

*suitable for student and adult audiences

*thirty-five minute running time

Dr. Watson

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*an original play written by Rick Scheideman

*costume, makeup, and British dialect.

*Dr Watson putters in his potting shed and reminesces with fresh insights and suprises.

*suitable for student and adult audiences

*one-hour running time

Poetry Seminar

*an oral interpretation of poems with interactive discussion

*the works of Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost, Galway Kinnell,
William Butler Yeats, Robert Service, and Dylan Thomas

Click on the following selections to listen:

Casey at the Bat
After Apple Picking
Success is Counted Sweetest
Blackberry Eating in Late September
The Song of the Wandering Aengus
Road Not Taken
In My Craft or Sullen Art
Lake Isle of Innisfree


"Rick Scheideman delivers a tour de force performance as the plaintive Jody, Louise's ex-husband and Helen's tubercular, alcoholic father. Scheideman masterfully captures the vicissitudes of this sympathetic and well-intentioned character."

-Sarah Ruppenthal, The Maui News, May 2, 2013

"I know the difference between an actor who is in tune with his craft and one who is not, and I am pleased to recommend to you this very talented man, Rick Scheideman."

-Michael Pulliam, The Maui Scene, September 6, 2012

"Scheideman masterfully captures the nuances of Clemens, laying Southern gentility and ironic wit on top of righteous indignation at the human penchant for murder and mayhem. This tour-de-force performance is not to be missed."

-Patrick Rainville Dorn, Saturday Review Online

"All our members deeply enjoyed your performance of "A Child's Christmas in Wales." Thank you for the delightful entertainment."

-Glo Hess, President Colorado Symphony Guild, Inc.

"Rick displays a sensitivity of characterization and clarity of performance that many professionals envy. I recommend Rick without qualification."

-Teresa Choate, Professor Keane University

"Rick transformed the Astor House Museum's Holiday Tea with a "Child's Christmas in Wales." Young and old visitors alike were entranced by his authentic presentation. At the end, he did a great job answering questions and showing that he was very knowledgeable about Mr. Thomas's life and the time period. Everyone very much enjoyed Rick."

-Shannon Viorol, Executive Director, Clear Creek History Park

"I know the difference between an actor who is in tune with his craft and one who is not. I am pleased to recommend this very talented man, Rick Scheideman, to you."

-Cliff Jewell, Professional Actor

"Rick Scheideman gives high quality presentations! His characters are distinctively different and well researched. His portrayal of Mark Twain was perfectly balanced between the serious and the comic elements of Twain's writings; a natural and enchanting performance."

-Angela Sabott, Events Coordinator, Astor House Museum

"Rick Scheideman's performance of 'Einstein' raised Story Ministries 'entertainment quotinet' several points on March 18. The one-man show provided a funny, touching and facinating glimpse into the humanity of the greatest minds of the 20th Century, as Albert prepares to present a speech to an American audience and reflects on his ideas, family life, and the future of the human race."

-Patrick Dorn, Director, Story Ministries

"I wanted to tell you how wonderful I thought your C.S. Lewis presentation was Saturday at the Astor House. It was incredibly moving and you seemed to be feeling all that he must have felt when speaking those words. You are incredibly gifted and I'm so glad to have had the opportunity to become familiar with your work. If you have an email list to let people know where you will be performing please add me to the list."

-Susan Booker, Coordinator of Programs and Reader Services, Lafayette Public Library

"Joy and Jack was an incredible performance. It touched people in the audience deeply - Some had tears in their eyes. Usually our audience leaves their seats right after the performanceto look around the museum, but Rick's performance inspired so much discussion, that they conversed with each other at their tables well after the performance had ended. We love to see our guests so engaged in the performance and topic."

-Angela Sabott, Events Coordinator, Astor House Museum